In the last decade, electrically driven vehicles have become widespread on our roads and airspace too. The number of UAVs has increased dramatically, and also the first crewed electric aircraft received its type certificate in 2020. Urban Air Mobility and Advanced Air Mobility are demanding the development of small, highly automated aircrafts to carry passengers and cargo at lower altitudes in and around urban areas.

With the increasing number of electrically driven air vehicles, new noise issues are emerging. The Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of CEAS has decided to address this issue and organise its next workshop on the aeroacoustics of electrically driven air vehicles.

The workshop will cover all aspects of electrically driven air vehicles: starting from the physics of noise generation, discussing the sound propagation and its prediction in urban areas, as well as its human effects, on noise annoyance, and covering other topics, such as legislation and noise certification, acoustical measurement, detection and identification techniques.

Workshop topics

  • Noise generation mechanisms of electrically driven air vehicles: propeller noise, electrical motor noise, airframe noise
  • Noise control of different vehicle types: eVTOLs, mid- and long-range fixed-winged aircrafts, powered-lift aircrafts, multicopters, etc.
  • Sound propagation in the urban environment
  • Advanced Air Mobility, Urban Air Mobility
  • Roadmap of electrification in aviation
  • Noise impact from electric air vehicles: psychoacoustics and health; noise impact prediction and evaluation; public acceptance and sound scaping; interdependencies between noise and other environmental issues; sound design.
  • Detection of small electrical air vehicles: localization and identification based on acoustic measurement techniques
  • Noise certification and legislation of electrically driven air vehicles

The Workshop is organised by the Scientific Committee of CEAS-ASC together with Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

After 3 years of postponing this event owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are more than happy to welcome you to Budapest in October.

Péter Fiala, PhD
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Attila Balázs Nagy
Administrative Chair
Budapest University of Technology and Economics